Employer association VKW Limburg has announced the APK Group of Pelt, winners of the 2022 Ambiorix Prize. Each time the award goes to a company in Limburg that excels in entrepreneurship, and this year it went to a construction and installation company in Pelto.

Last week VKW Limburg announced the TOP 500. Today, employers’ associations announced the winners of the 33rd Ambiorix Prize. It is Pelt’s APK Group and belongs to the full Algemene Participatie Kerkhofs. Founded in 1960, the family business has since grown into a multidisciplinary infrastructure group. There are his 1900 employees in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg.

Specializing in infrastructure construction

The activity of the APK group cannot be described in one word. Awardees specialize in infrastructure work for water pipes and installations, energy networks, telecommunications networks, and road construction. The company wants to enable the energy transition and help cities digitize. For example, they help build fiber optic networks, the Internet of the future, and install extensive networks of charging stations.

The prize, which is a very beautiful statue, is placed prominently in the entrance hall.

AKP Group CEO Marten Broens said:

Based on the figures and growth over the last five years, the Ambiorix Awards jury quantitatively selected all the top 500 companies as a first step. In the second stage, the jury strictly qualitatively selected the companies with the highest scores and visited them. And from now on, the AKP group has emerged as the best. “The prize, a very beautiful statue, will be placed prominently in the entrance hall and we are very proud of it,” said his CEO Maarten Broens.

Opportunities for employees to grow within the company

According to the jury, APK Group is a forward-thinking and ambitious company, with projected sales of €343 million this year, an annual growth rate of 20%. In addition, there are many other arguments to convince the jury. For example, family-run organizations are characterized by flat structures, open leadership styles, and a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. The awardees also offer a range of theoretical and practical training to their employees through their unique ‘Q Academy’ which allows them to grow within the company. The official awards ceremony will take place on Monday night.

Source: vrt


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