Dematra, a Nazarene storage and distribution company, is building a fully automated high-rise warehouse at the De Prijkels industrial estate. The building is 46 meters high and can accommodate 80,000 pallets. 12,000 pallets can be moved in 24 hours. “This building is a world first and not in America,” says his CEO Geert De Jaeger.

Dematra is a logistics company that specializes in the storage and distribution of food and non-food products. This can vary from chips to suitcases. Nazareth’s company already has four of his warehouses in the country, with a combined capacity of 80,000 pallets.

With the new buildings currently under construction at the De Prijkels industrial park, that number is about to double. The new warehouse has space for 80,000 pallets. Especially high-rise and the fact that the warehouse is fully automated makes it unique.

Unlike most warehouses, you work with shuttles, which are much more flexible, rather than cranes.

Geert De Jaeger, Dematra CEO

Unlike most other warehouses, we work with shuttles, not cranes. Cranes require a lot of space and are cumbersome. A shuttle, a type of cart, runs with us. They pick up the pallets and take them to the elevator where they distribute them on the 15th floor. These shuttles are automatically controlled and in 24 hours he can handle over 12,000 pallet moves. ”

No US warehouse can handle 12,000 pallet movements per day

Geert De Jaeger, Dematra CEO

And that’s something you don’t see internationally, says De Jaeger. “We don’t have an existing warehouse in the US that can handle this. It’s a fairly new system, but it’s much smoother than the old system with cranes. We’re the first logistics company to dare to build something like that. Build it.” .”

“Unlike production companies, we don’t know when and which products we need to store. We work for production companies. But thanks to Shuttle, we are very flexible. .If you have a lot of work, you can rent additional shuttles as needed.It will speed up your work even more.Height is the biggest challenge here.Elevator raises and lowers all the shuttles. should be fast enough to

ecological footprint

According to De Jaeger, the 46-meter-tall new building is the future. “Because of our height, we hardly occupy her 10,000 square meters. If we don’t go up, we’ll need five to six hectares. So our ecological footprint is much more It gets smaller.”

Although the warehouse is fully automated, there is room for 42 new full-time employees, bringing the total number within Dematra to over 200 employees. The building, which will cost $50 million, is scheduled to be completed in early 2023.

Source: vrt


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