The price of milk is historically high. For the first time, farmers receive over 49 euros for 100 liters of milk. Seven years ago it was half the price. And that means that the price of dairy products in the store will probably rise within a few months as well. “The war in Ukraine causes further uncertainty, but prices have risen, mainly due to sharp rises in energy and animal feed costs and lower global supplies,” said Renaat Debergh of the Belgian Dairy Federation. Explains as follows. “.

Today, dairy workers in our country receive about 0.5 euros for a liter of milk. That’s 40 percent more than it was a year ago. Our supply is low, but it is also low in other parts of the world, which is pushing up prices.

The war in Ukraine has also raised the cost of farmers. A little later, this probably means higher prices in all dairy stores.

It’s only a matter of time before the prices of all dairy products go up in stores

Renaat Debergh of the Belgian Dairy Federation talks about the historical record of milk prices. “The previous record is from November 2007, when it was 45 cents per liter. It could exceed 50 cents next month. At this point, we don’t see any price increases in stores.” Says Debergh. In “Today’s World”.

Debergh points out that farmers’ costs are also increasing. “This is related to the significant rise in energy, animal feed and fertilizer prices. Most of the milk price increases lead to higher costs.”

The reason for the price increase is not due to the war in Ukraine, but to the evolution of the dairy market. “The price increase in the dairy market began in August last year because farmers around the world produce less milk. Milk supply is low, while milk and dairy demand remains global. High. A When supply decreases and demand increases, the price of milk rises significantly. “

It’s only a matter of time before dairy products in the store are expensive. “The dairy industry can’t stand buying more expensive milk and experiencing rising costs. Butter, yogurt, cheese and everything else related to dairy will go up. July 1st You can expect the maximum effect from the day. In effect, a new contract with a retailer. “

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