CEV Challenge Cup: Asterix Avo – CSM Lugoj 2-3

The score fluctuated back and forth in the opening set. At 20:23 Nova Marring gave Asterix Avo the lead with striking services. However, she threw the set ball into the net and was also unable to convert the decisive smash. In the second set, the hosts reacted decisively and in no time the score was 17-11. The double substitution of the Romanians did not bring the desired solution. In the third set, the goal chances were insufficiently used. In the time when it went from 8:5 to 8:10, the effectiveness for the red and white was too low. Asterix Avo recovered in the fourth set. Service was smoother for the home side and Lugoj had some problems with that. In the tie-break, Asterix Avo came back pretty far after a 7:10 result. The referee himself ended this exciting duel with a very controversial decision. With this result, Asterix Avo – with a little more efficiency – still has a few chances to prevail in next week’s Challenge Cup. (WVM)
Source : HLN

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