Renowned British TV host Jeremy Paxman has pulled out of the BBC’s difficult knowledge quiz, the University Challenge, for the first time in almost 29 years, due to health reasons. Paxman has Parkinson’s disease. He was previously a notorious critic interviewer for the political magazine Newsnight.

The “Campus Cup” also shows that two teams of students from different universities compete against each other. BBC’s “University Challenge” next level, botany, lesser-known characters from Shakespeare’s plays, or Indonesian rivers. ‘University Challenge’ has been on the BBC for his 60 years.

Jeremy Paxman was the rigorous University Challenge quizmaster for nearly 29 years, quizzing the team at a calm but furious pace. But now he quits. Paxman is 72 years old. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with a great team and meet some of the best blocking minds in the country, which gives me hope for the future,” he said. will answer.

The final episode of “University Challenge,” starring Jeremy Paxman, will air next summer. As this compilation shows, he said goodbye in a special way after each episode.

Jeremy Paxman became best known as a political interviewer for BBC Magazine. news nightpublished over a quarter-century from 1989 to 2014. He was an astute interviewer who often challenged guests. Like Interior Secretary Michael Howard in 1997, he was asked the same question by Paxman 12 times (! ) continued to answer evasively.

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