Summer is still in full swing, but America is already in the Christmas mood. Or what does “Christmas mood” mean. There is conflict over who can claim to be the true “Queen of Christmas”. Is not.

In 1994, Mariah Carey released the single “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. The phrase “I don’t need a lot for Christmas, I only need one thing” was uttered to the sound of a cheerful bell. Twenty-eight years later, this song is still the Christmas classic of most Christmas classics performed on Gray in her December. “All I Want for Christmas” has been streamed over 1 billion times on her Spotify and charted at number one for her in many countries. The latter was only in America in 2019, 25 years after the song was first released.

“All I Want For Christmas” hasn’t done Mariah Carey any harm. One of her best-selling (physical) singles with nearly 16 million copies worldwide, it has already collected tens of millions of dollars in royalties. And Mariah Carey continues to capitalize on her success by re-recording the song, organizing tours and releasing picture books on the subject each year.

The title “Queen of Christmas” is her iconic trademark, but the singer also plans to make it an actual legal trademark. The news has just been announced. Also, no verdict has been issued yet. If her application is approved, Carrie will officially be the only one to use the title of “Queen of Christmas.” And it’s not to the taste of other artists.

Darlene Love: “If you have a problem with Mariah, let me call my lawyer!”

One of them is Darlene Love (81). She recorded her “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” in her 1963, also born from a true classic that we often hear around Christmas time. News that Mariah Carey is about to usurp the title of ‘Queen of Christmas’ has caused frustration. “David Letterman has officially declared me the ‘Queen of Christmas’. It was 29 years ago, one year before she released All I Want for Christmas. I’m 81 and I’m not going to change anything. I have been in her business for 52 years. If you have a problem with Mariah, call David or my lawyer!”

According to the entertainment website variety Darlene Love has been referred to in the same way as Christmas for nearly 60 years. Ever since her talk show host David Letterman invited her to sing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” every year from 1986 until the end of his show in 2014, that The effect has increased.

Elizabeth Chan “Christmas belongs to everyone”

Another artist has already taken legal action. Elizabeth Chan, 42, is a little-known American singer, but she has written and produced only her songs for Christmas. “Christmas was here long before we were on Earth, and hopefully Christmas will come after we’re all gone,” Chan said. variety“No one wants to own Christmas forever like Mariah. Christmas belongs to everyone. It’s not owned, it’s shared.”

Chan was dubbed the “Queen of Christmas” in the American media even before she did it herself.For example, The New Yorker magazine used it as its title in 2018 long sentence About Chan she has been called “America’s most successful and possibly only Christmas music singer-songwriter”.

According to Chan, Mariah Carey isn’t just about music. “She wants to trade this in every possible way: clothes, booze, masks, dog collars…it’s really everywhere.”

What does Maria say?

And Mariah Carey herself? She, or her team of attorneys, has yet to respond to the fuss. to be continued…

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