After the online voting process, Ultimas’ first audience award, the Flanders Government’s Cultural Award, was head windA portrait of a series of interviews with Flemish and Dutch critics on Corona policy. It is a controversial winner and a controversial one.

head wind A series of six video interviews with prominent critics of Corona policy or vaccines. The six “scientists in front of the storm” who “stick their heads to convey an unpopular message” are the subject of journalists Alan Grootas, Jacobian Hoisman, and director Mark Sanders. This is the method you are calling.

Interview guests include Sam Bocken, a former professor of health sciences, Matthias Desmet, a professor of psychology, Maurice de Hondo, a Dutch pollster, Theo Shetters, a Dutch vaccineologist, and Paul, a professor of privacy law. De Hart, a health economist, Leven Annemans. Episode 7 is a report of the joint round table discussion.

head wind Give interviewees the opportunity to explain their criticisms of the Corona Policy and testify to the comments they receive from time to time about the Corona Policy. This series was mainly shot in the Andalusian region of Spain, where the makers Grootaers and Huisman live.

Explain the manufacturer head wind In itself, it is “critical and independent journalism.” How did this documentary series win the Ultimas Audience Award (Cultural Award)?

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Voting form

The Flanders Culture Awards have been around for 20 years and were renamed Ultimas in 2017. Winners in categories such as performing arts, literature, music, and visual arts are determined by an expert jury, but for the first time this year they were also awarded the Ultimas Audience Award.

The new award is aimed at “individuals and organizations that cannot be easily classified into the Ultimate category” such as “exhibitions, spectacle events, light shows, festivals, city events, exhibitions, music performances, etc.” And culture is recommended. event. Winners were also announced on the online voting form.

The Requirements Qualifying for the award was pretty straightforward. All “events, organizations and people who contribute to the expansion of culture” can be nominated and reached a wide audience in 2021. The only reasons for exclusion were “abuse content” and “things related to a particular party or party.”

This eventually led to a diverse list of over 120 artists, events and festivals. For example, the recently deceased singers Arno, Circus Ronaud, the podcast Deformed Julie, the theater group SKaGeN, and the Ghent Film Festival were on the list.Not only the documentary series head wind

Fact check

Contents head wind Not without controversy. Of course, the guests were just selected after being criticized for their views on corona control and corona vaccination. But sometimes the criticism was against disinformation.

Various claims from head wind During that time, it was also subject to fact checking. Fact Check Flanders† Citizens’ initiative, Headwind carCreated a special website to claim from head windRefute the interview.

Journalists Huisman and Grootaers create their own head windIn interviews and social media, there are no secrets of their personal aversion to many corona measures and corona vaccines.


how are you? head wind Will you be the winner of the Ultimas Audience Awards? Behind this is a wide range of social media campaigns, especially in the landscape of activists who oppose corona measures.In those circles head wind The message of the guest interviewed was a big hit for a while. At the Corona demonstration, we even saw people with signs of praising the series.

head wind Since then, it has grown into a multimedia phenomenon. In addition to the interview itself posted on the online video site, there were also two live “dernières” (broadcast of the last episode of the series) at Queen Elizabeth Hall in Antwerp. Tickets cost 50 euros. on the other hand, head wind-A book to be published soon (35 euros).

Both manufacturers, interview guests and fans head wind Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared and voted on many calls on social media head wind Ultimas Audience Award. It is now bearing fruit.


Certainly playing a role is the atmosphere of resentment and revenge that surrounds us. head wind HangManufacturer head wind They themselves have complained for some time that their products have been “stepmotherically treated” and “silented” by “government and the media.”

In December 2021, the health and lifestyle channels went awry TV Plus episode head wind It is programmed on Prime Time TV. But after an episode, the channel is already down. TV Plus said it wanted to contribute to a “healthy debate” on the air, but “it stops where people confront each other and provoke indiscriminate reactions.”

Even while voting for the Ultimas Audience Award head wind Incident. April 8th, when voting had already been going on for a week head wind Suddenly from the list of candidates.

“It’s being censored. If people’s voices are too loud, it seems like they’ll get it,” Gluters wrote in response to Facebook. Huisman wrote that “moving the price of the Flanders government under censorship out of the hands of Minister Jumbon” would have been “reasonably strange.” [te] receive”.

Fans head wind However, they responded indignantly and contacted both the Ministry of Culture’s administration and the Cabinet of the competent minister, Jan Jambon (N-VA). Shortly thereafter head wind Given that legitimate place. According to Grootaers, the use of “censorship scissors” was due to “enthusiastic officials.”

Therefore, winning the Audience Award is welcomed as a victory in the Corona Doubt Circle. Mainstream media And government policy.

Source: vrt


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