Belgian candidate Jérémie Makiese played his song “Miss you” in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in a very natural and clearly effortless manner. As is generally expected, it is not yet known where he will achieve it and whether Ukraine will win this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain are also big competitors, according to bookmakers. The show reaches about 200 million viewers.


Belgian candidate Jeremy Machiese is 16th in the final. His song “Miss you” is about everything we missed during the Corona crisis. Makiese has been very popular with festival fans and fellow candidates in Turin for the past week.

He told VRTNWS song contest expert Gianni Paelinck that he sang a different song each time and didn’t review or analyze his performance on Thursday night.

Jérémie Makiese is a boy with charisma, discipline, and a great voice.

Peter Van de Veire, VRT Commentator Songfestival

“He was very proud of us on Thursday,” says VRT commentator Peter Vande Veire. “He’s a boy with charisma, discipline, and a very good voice. He’s a big fan of Michael Jackson and you can hear different things every time he sings, as they say in 2022. To: He nailed it. ”

And Makiese will do so tonight, he seems to stand on stage in the enormous nature and reach his treble effortlessly. “I caught those nuts very well and very smoothly,” replies Van de Via. The Hooverphonic ended on the 19th of last year, but it’s still unclear what Jérémie Makiese will do tonight.

“giving peace a chance”

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest is “giving peace a chance” A clear message of peace by John Lennon and Yoko Ono that makes a connection to the conflict in Ukraine.

Immediately followed by a medley by one of the show’s presenters, the Italian singer Laura Pausini (best known for “Lasolitudine”).

As in the semi-finals, sometimes something went wrong in the control room during the show.


France is doing it this year in Breton, the regional language of the French region of Brittany. Ahez, a trio of singer Alvan and vocalist, brings a Celtic-style electro song with a solid base on “Fulenn” (“spark”). This song is about a girl who dies tragically because she has an irresistible urge to dance.

For the first time in the 66-year history of the song contest, no one is singing in French this year. Meanwhile, Barbara Pravi came in second in France last year with “Voilà” (French).

Palauan Psio spectators can clearly taste “Fren” by applauding and cheering. However, bookmakers do not give them a high finish position.


Norway is one of the sensations in this edition. Subwoolfer is a band with two anonymous bright yellow wolves, a similarly anonymous dancer in a yellow morph suit. There are all sorts of theories about who is hiding under the mask. In Norway, a national survey of their identities is also being conducted.

This song is catchy and has ridiculous lyrics and tight choreography, “Let’s give that wolf a banana.” “It’s well done, but it doesn’t make sense, but it’s a good thing because it’s a song contest,” summarizes commentator Peter Vande Veire.


Thanks to Måneskin, who won Italy last year, the Eurovision Circus will be held in Turin this week. This year’s leading Italian duo Mahmud and Blanco are also one of the favorites of this edition in their song “Bribidi”.

The Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Italy for the second year in a row, may be because Mahmood, who became known for “X Factor Italy” in 2019, also came in second. Unfortunately, Mahmood and swings are not always stable tonight. But they play home games, so the audience in the room doesn’t seem to care.


Spain will advance to the finals as one of the “Big Five” and send Chanel, a musical star with a wealth of experience on stage. For her performance of her “SloMo”, she worked especially with choreographer Jennifer Lopez.

Chanel also stands out with costumes inspired by Matador’s costumes. She energetically shakes her hair and rolls across the stage. The Para-Olympico audience is already enthusiastic about it, and bookmakers appreciate her chances. Chanel herself “will remember this performance for the rest of her life,” she says at the end of her performance.


For the first time in more than 10 years, the Netherlands will again select its native language and send the S10 with “depth”.

S10, who suffered from serious psychological problems when she was young, calls her song “a love letter to your own sorrow.” She is alone on stage, but she can be persuaded. Especially “Tadadadadadadadada” and “Oehoeaha” attract the audience. And the very fragile ending goes straight to the heart.

Before the finals began, Steien den Hollander remembered the moment he applied to represent his country last year (also via Twitter).


For weeks Ukraine has been a favorite to win this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Kalush Orchestra’s “Stefania” is a homage to rapper Oleh Psiuk’s mother. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, the song has been a tribute to all mothers and “Mother Ukraine”.

“Stephania” is a mix of folk, hip hop, flute passages and exciting beats. Last year, Ukraine was also very strong with Go_A’s “Shum”, finishing in 5th place.This time, the victory is within reach, as the country of the people expects. Sympathy vote “Stephania” is also a good song to convince many professional judges.

Despite all the violence of the war, it shows that Ukrainian culture is alive and kicking: it was the goal of the 3-minute Kalush Orchestra on the biggest stage in Europe. And they succeeded in it in the final.

After the performance, this time we will bring a political message to the competition with a mean message, “Help Ukraine, help Mariupol, help Azovstal.”

Source: vrt


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