Twenty-four semi-finalists from the Queen Elisabeth Competition have been announced, and the only compatriot to start the competition will move on to the next round. Are Stephanie fans chasing her sister Sylvia, who reached the final of the violin competition in 2019 and won her audience award?

May is the Eurovision Song Contest and Queen Elisabeth Contest Month. A lot of music was heard and judged last week not only in Turin but also in Brussels. 11 cellists a day, 6 days: In the first round of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, the jury sitting at the long table in Studio 4 of Frazi had to think a lot. Of the 66 participants in the first round, only 24 will advance to the semi-finals. Their names are now known.

26-year-old Belgian cellist Stephanie fan Proceed to the semi-finals. She is the sister of violinist Sylvia Juan, who reached the final in 2019 and won the Audience Award. Of the 24 semi-finalists, there is also Oleksiy Shadrin, the only participant in Ukraine. And two Dutch cellists: Anton Spronk and Ellavan Poucke.

The Semifinal Starting on Monday and ending Saturday at 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, a total of 24 musicians will perform. In the semi-finals, the cellist will play “Wie aus der Ferne”. This is a new work by Belgian composer Daan Janssens and several other works selected for cello and piano. On another day, we will perform a cello concerto by Joseph Haydn with the Royal de Chambre de Wallonie Orchestra conducted by Vahan Mardi Russian.

The 12 finalists will be announced on Saturday, May 21st. After that, they will be quarantined for a week and will be rehearsed for a new piece by the German composer Jorg Widmann. Between May 30th and June 4th Last week Two cellists were held in Bozar every night with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Stephane Denève.

Semi-finals and finals can be followed on VRT NU, Canvas (afternoon), Ketnet channel (evening), or the Klara,, Klara app.

Six young cello students from Flanders held the Queen Elisabeth CompetitionThe Six “ Report on social media. In the final week, they conclude each competition night with a pop song cover.Like “Music” by John MilesWho died at the end of last year:

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