Theater company Logi 10 has canceled all performances of “The Lady in the Van” due to the health condition of actress Leah Tis (77). In her fictional series ‘Thuis’, she continues to play her own character, Marianne Bastiaens, but with some adjustments to her set and recording schedule, ‘Thuis’ Producer Hans Her Roggen said.

Leah Thys appears in ‘The Lady in the Van’ alongside her ‘Home’ colleague Ann “Nancy” Pillah and more. The play premiered in September 2021 after repeated postponements due to Corona. This fall, her second theatrical series is planned at her Fakkeltheater in Antwerp. All performances have already sold out, but are now cancelled.

Through social media, theater company Loge 10 announced that the decision was the result of “a health issue for one of its players.” It was about Leah Tis, who was hospitalized for a while last year with a corona infection.

Leah Thys continues in action in the daily fiction series Thuis. “Thuis” producer Hans Roggen has no further explanation for what’s going on with Thys. But fans of “Home” should not despair. The story of Thys character Marianne Bastianz will continue as planned in the coming weeks.

“An actor or actress who becomes ill or temporarily incapacitated. Although the audience won’t notice it right away, we at the “home” team wish our colleague Leah a very quick recovery. It’s a real shame that the full theater tour had to be postponed. “

Source: vrt


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