KMSKA residents discovered the museum for the first time. The day before the opening, I was able to tour the renovated building. A great find for many visitors. “Impressive,” said the residents in unanimity.

It took 11 years to reopen, but residents around KMSKA were most looking forward to it. “Impressive,” says many residents. The combination of new and old parts is also popular. “The effect of the new part in the old, it’s simply beautiful. So much thought has been put into it that Antwerp can be proud of, something beautiful,” replies the visitor.

For many residents, it was an overwhelming first meeting. “Wow. That’s my first impression. Just wow. It’s an experience from start to finish.” “I’m trying to remember an old museum, so I’m not quite sure where I’m heading. But I’m happy to be back here.” They also like to take “Stairway to Heaven.” “It’s a little less. There are a lot of stairs. But when you come to the new part, it’s worth it.”

You can’t tell how beautiful it is’s just beautiful, worth the wait

Jan Jaap van der Wal, Presenter

Comedian and presenter Jan Jaap van der Val also roamed among those locals. “We live nearby and have seen the building come to fruition in the last few years,” says Jan Jaap. “From the inside, it doesn’t look very beautiful. It’s just beautiful. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait.”

Vincent Bal moved into the neighborhood 18 years ago. “From our bedroom we see the roof of the museum, those statues.” Seven years later, KMSKA closed. “It’s a shame because it’s nice to have a museum nearby. You can always go there. Probably an easy visit to see the three rooms. I’ll visit the other rooms next time.”

Source: vrt


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