Sixty years ago, on August 4, 1962, actress Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose at her home in Los Angeles. In the meantime, she has become an icon and with #marilynmonroe gets millions of results on her social media. On Wednesday, another movie about her life is coming to her Netflix. What continues to fascinate us about the ‘blonde bombshell’.?”?

Netflix’s new movie about the life of Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, sparked controversy long before it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. For example, when Cuban actress Ana de Armas was cast as Monroe, people complained that her accent was too strong. Netflix also found the version of the first film to be too sexually explicit, and some scenes too disturbing.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe "blonde"

Still eager to premiere, ‘Blonde’ ended up receiving a 14-minute standing ovation at the festival. This movie appears to be the tenth in a row. Numerous books, movies and series have mentioned Marilyn as her Monroe or introduced her as her character.

And, of course, most people are familiar with the iconic image of Monroe in a white dress flying through the air. Another dress was hotly debated on social media earlier this year when Kim Kardashian appeared on the red carpet at the Met Gala wearing one of Marilyn Monroe’s last original dresses.

Marilyn Monroe is an undeniable part of our collective cultural memory. She’s never really gone and reappears regularly.

A difficult youth, a new start

The film “Blonde” shows how Monroe had a difficult childhood. She was born Norma Her Jean Her Mortenson on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Her father had left her mother some time ago.

She had a troubled upbringing because of her mother’s mental problems. She had never stayed in the same house for long, and she had never been with the same person. She also spent time in an orphanage while her mother was admitted to a mental hospital. When she was 16 years old, Norma Her Jean Her Mortenson left her home to marry her slightly older neighbor. The marriage lasted only a few years.

Norma Jean Mortenson saw an opportunity when the photographer visited the factory where she was working at the time. She willingly allowed her to be photographed and her pin-ups launched her modeling career.

A young Norma Jean Mortenson

After working as a model for a while, she also landed a temporary contract with a film studio. Then followed another contract and that’s how the ball started rolling.

Film researcher and fashion designer Lisa Colpaert tells VRT NWS that’s when the image of the superstar as we know it was formed. As a young actor and actress, you have a new name and a new identity. And once that hoax image sold tickets, they kept repeating it. “

In 1950 she was seen in the film with platinum blonde curls. “all about eve” When “asphalt jungle”The movie was a huge success and Marilyn Monroe was born.

woman and icon

In the “Blonde” trailer, Marilyn Monroe says that the character Marilyn only exists on screen. She “can’t stand another scene with Marilyn Monroe,” she added.That schizophrenia battle “marilyn”icons, and “Norma Jean”, an ordinary woman is the center of the film. The maker takes this inspiration from the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates.

Like her mother, Monroe struggled with depression and mental illness. In 1961 she (against her will) spent four days in a mental hospital. In a letter she wrote to her psychiatrist, she said she felt trapped and that she was being treated “like a madman.”

According to film specialist and teacher Anke Browers, her tragic childhood and mental hardship made her more human to us, which appeals to us today. That’s why it’s also the logical focus of movies made about her. “

“Blonde” blends fact and fiction, so it’s not clear if Monroe herself was so outspoken about her mental battle to maintain her public identity.

Film specialist Anke Browers has already pointed out that the mystery surrounding her identity adds to our fascination. Brouwers explains that we are increasingly confronted with the fact that there are contradictions every time new information about Monroe is released. She looks like a doll, an object. However, it turns out that behind her is a very vulnerable and frail creature. “

You have an almost plastic appearance, but you can see that behind it is a very fragile and fragile creature.

Anke Brouwers, film expert and teacher

She compares to the still-loved Lady Diana. you see a tragic figure.

Female sex symbol or example?

Marilyn Monroe’s success was orchestrated by Hollywood studios at the time, but she wasn’t simply a victim of the studio system. “She was also someone who knew what she was doing. It wasn’t just a doll. It was a worker,” says film expert Anke Browers. She added that Marilyn Monroe worked with her acting coach to do her best to ensure that she was taken seriously as an actress.

Film researcher Lisa Colpert also agrees that Monroe did her best to get new and challenging roles regardless of type. , her relationship with female fans was more interesting. Although Monroe herself was not involved, her work and success paralleled the emancipation of women. “

Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe in 1954

In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe befriended the black jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, whom she greatly admired. Despite her talent and moderate success, Fitzgerald struggled to break through her nationally and internationally, during which time she was not easily booked by the big American jazz clubs. was.

When Monroe promised to sit front row every day at a famous jazz club in Los Angeles if he booked Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald signed the deal, which was eventually extended. After Monroe’s sudden death, Fitzgerald said he was always grateful for his support.

For example, Monroe was not actively involved at the time, but he inspired women simply because of what he wore or who he heard. Invoke sympathy. On the Internet, she said,hair- When makeup tutorial” The figure of Monroe is watched intently.

Timeless beauty and early termination

It’s no surprise that Monroe is also popular on social media such as Instagram and Tiktok. makeup tutorial For example, the previous generation had posters. There is something timeless about Marilyn Monroe that still appeals to us. “

According to Van Den Bulck, her looks in particular have a timeless quality. Madonna, for example, always reinvents herself, but we all have the same image of Monroe. “

The iconic image of Marilyn Monroe in an all-white dress

For example, influencers such as Jasmine Chiswell have amassed millions of followers on Tiktok by mimicking Monroe’s iconic look. Chiswell goes one step further and lives in the house that Monroe has also lived in for a while. In the comments under her video, people are even talking about “Monroe reincarnation.”

“Also, sometimes you see her come to life and you stay with it for a while even though you know she’s not real. Think about the use, we know filters are used and it’s not real, but we still like to see it,” said a professor of media culture. Hilde Van Den Bulck said.

Her untimely death made her even more iconic, according to Van den Balek. can’t disappoint after death That, or the phenomenon of celebrities being unable to do anything after their death, disappoints the public.

“People are very protective of Monroe”concludes Van Den Bulk. “They look at her with deep affection. “don’t touch my icon”. It shows her relationship with the audience and her feelings about her untimely death. Of course, some people don’t think it’s important, but popular culture is as important to many people as classical art. “

Did you know this about Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe was an avid reader and wrote her own poems. Her personal library had about 400 books.

In Scotland, men were called up as DNA applicants. This allowed researchers to determine if the volunteer was a distant relative of Marilyn Monroe. A match was found in 2019.

Marilyn Monroe was on the cover of the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953.

If Monroe were alive, she would be 96, the same age as Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen died two weeks ago. They met in 1956 when Monroe was filming a movie in London. You can see the image below.

the film “blonde” Distribution starts on Netflix from September 28 (Wednesday).

Source: vrt


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