There are plans to create a monumental work of art on the Heusden-Zolder mining slag pile. Artist Stefan Elsen wants to create a ziggurat, a large temple building. The artist, a former miner, creates artwork as a gift to the area against the backdrop of 30 years of mine closures.

Artist Stefan Elsen regularly creates art related to mines. Just last week there was his KS Soap, a black soap he created. “He means that this work of art is a gift to the inhabitants, especially the miners,” says Paul Boutsen of vzw Het Vervolg. “This is a serious project based on our mining heritage, and as a non-profit we are happy to support it.”

With artwork, the initiator wants to achieve more than just beautiful scenery. A slag pile is an ideal place for this. It is both a heritage site and a nature reserve. “

does it get there?

Whether the work of art is actually built depends on consultations between the authorities concerned. “But if that agreement is reached, the artwork could be there soon. increase.

Source: vrt


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