Belgian candidate Stephanie Fan will perform on Tuesdays and Fridays, and today the world premiere of a mandatory piece by Belgian composer Dahn Janssen. The semi-finals of the Queen Elisabeth Competition will continue until Saturday and can be followed live on various VRT channels.

This week, 24 cellists will play the stars of heaven in Frazzy in the semi-finals of the Queen Elisabeth Competition. 16 men and 8 women will be featured twice this week. One is the Haydn Concerto, the Orchestra Royal Deschamps de Wallonie, and the other is a unique program with piano accompaniment. The jury will decide which selective work to present one day in advance.

Belgian semi-finalists Stephanie fan We will play the orchestra on Tuesday afternoon and the piano on Friday night.

How can I follow a match? From now on, you can watch it all directly on VRT NU, 3 pm Canvas, and 8 pm Ketnet channel. You can listen to it on the Klara,, and Klara apps. In the afternoon, Katelijne Boon, along with cellist Benjamin Glorieux, will comment on the candidate. In the evening, Nicole van Opstal takes over cellist Jap Kluithof.

In the semi-finals as well as the finals, the new Belgian composer “Wie aus der Ferne” will be specially composed and presented to the cellist for the competition. Darn Jansen† The world premiere will take place in the afternoon session on Monday, May 16th.

At Clara, Darn Janssen talked about cello and piano composition, and how he was inspired by composers Robert Schumann and Richard Wagner. This is a “technical challenge” piece, but it also “measures the interaction with the pianist. A cellist who thinks only about himself-followed by the piano, we get together-it’s It doesn’t work. “

I’m curious about how the cellist interprets my work

Daan Janssens is interested in how his work meets and how musicians interpret what he writes. “I hope the musicians look beyond the notes and draw different color palettes.”

The names of the 12 finalists of the Queen Elisabeth Competition will be announced on Saturday night, May 21st. After that, they are isolated for a week and study another new work by the German composer Jorg Witmann, a work for cello and orchestra. The final week of the Bozar will be held from June 30th to 4th and can also be followed live on the VRT channel.

Source: vrt


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