Being able to photograph a lactating fox cub: that happiness was reserved for Isabel Onseraere of Troncienne. Foxes are common in our area, but the fact that young people are breastfeeding with their mothers made the moment unique. But it took hours of patience.

Drongen photographer Isabelle Onselaere has a creative spirit. In addition to her work as a jewelry designer, she likes to take pictures of birds and other animals in nature. This is often in Ghent, as she has also followed the fox family for a long time. For now, she has no luck capturing it with her own camera. But it doesn’t stop the photographer looking for other foxes. So she moved to Holland and was able to take a picture of a fox just feeding her child in a nature reserve near Amsterdam.

Copyright Isabelle Onselaere.

Waiting time

Onseraere was especially looking for foxes and was walking around for hours. “Of course, they don’t just walk in front of you. But I finally found a fox. She was hunting. The mouse she caught was she caught. Then she. Take me to a young man. “

The young people were playing first, then they ate the mice.And the mother cared for the boy

Photographer Isabelle Onselaere

“The young people were playing a little at first, then ate the mice, and then the female fox took care of her young people,” says Onseraere. “It was a really unique moment.”

Interesting fact: “Mother Fox” is officially called “Murf Fox”. The man is “rekel”. And the boy is the “Cubs”. Foxes are canines and are still considered one of the largest free predators in the Benelux. More information about animals can be found on the Natuurpunt website: “Fox Life”.

Photographers always follow the animals they want to shoot with respect. “I have a telephoto lens and I’m far from the animals,” she explains. She prefers not to say where she found the fox so as not to attract too many curious people.

Sometimes rare animals, sometimes not

Onseraere may accidentally bring a special animal in front of the lens, but usually goes looking for it. “It shouldn’t be too easy. Shooting animals at the zoo isn’t that fun.”

Meanwhile, she was already able to take nice pictures of various other animals. There are also rare ones such as kingfishers, black woodpeckers, and beavers in the Burgoyen Ossemersen Nature Reserve. “I was able to take a picture of a tree frog yesterday,” she says. “This is also very exceptional in Belgium.”

Source: vrt


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