This summer will be a little less busy than originally planned for the Welftel Festival meadows. In addition to the 4-day Rockwell Ftel Festival, there will be a 2-day festival instead of a 3-day festival. Ticket sales for Werchter Angkor, a new event featuring headliner Florence and the Machine, are disappointing. Therefore, the festival is scheduled for the same weekend and will be integrated with the existing TW Classic, which is not yet sold out.

Two coronas later, Live Nation unpacked at the Festival Meadow in Werchter and hosted a total of seven days of the festival. It is a four-day festival in Rockwell Ftel in early July and a three-day festival in June. Gorillaz), TW Classic and the new Rock Werchter Encore. “The plan continues to be great, but unfortunately the momentum is not easy,” he said in today’s press release.

craving After two years of silence, it’s great to enjoy the festival again. However, there are some dampers in the festivities. Consumer confidence has been lost, live departments are suffering from staff shortages, and production costs are skyrocketing. Rock Werchter Encore will land on 25,000 festival attendees. That’s great, but given the situation, rethinking was a better option, “Live Nation said.

After two years of silence, the desire to experience the festival again in all glory is great.But consumer confidence is lost

Live Nation

This is the second time Live Nation has had to adjust its ambitious plans for this summer. Alex Agnew’s announced comedy show in front of a crowd standing in the Werchter meadows was canceled shortly after the announcement due to disappointing ticket sales.

Similar story at Rock Werchter Encore: Ticket sales didn’t go as expected. Therefore, the New Day Festival will end on Sunday, June 26th.

“Expectations for Rockwell Ftel Angkor were high, but at the additional day festival announced very late in the season, this is certainly an acceptable result,” Live Nation’s Nerebigare explained to VRTNWS.

“By expanding TW Classic (more than 40,000 tickets have already been sold), we are writing a positive new story, because ticket buyers can get more for the same money. We will move to three stages from, and by shifting one day, we will create many new opportunities. “

Expectations for Rock Werchter Encore were high, but ticket buyers now get more for the same money

In response to VRT NWS, Live Nation’s Nele Bigaré

Rock Werchter Encore poster artists will be mostly added to the TW Classic poster on Saturday, June 25th. After that, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will be the headliner. Cave recently lost his second son, but his planned festival concert continues for the foreseeable future, As announced on his website† “And his booking agent confirmed it to us,” Live Nation’s Nerebigare told VRTNWS.

Therefore, TW Classic has been expanded from 1 stage to 3 stages. Concert tents The Barn and Klu BC, which are equipment during Rock Werchter, will open their doors a week in advance, including outdoor screens.

Organizer Herman Schueremans wrote in writing that “TW Classic ticket sales are particularly strong,” but “with the addition of two tents, there is enough ticket capacity to combine both day festivals. There is. “

Practical: TW Classic tickets are still valid. Those who have purchased a canceled Rockwell Ftel Encore ticket can now use it for TW Classic. If you are unable to attend on Saturday, June 25th, you can request a refund for your Rockwelftel Encore ticket through Ticketmaster.

The timetable for the new “TW Classic XL” featuring both performers and some of the Rockwell Ftel Encore posters announced by TW Classic looks like this:

Source: vrt


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