The Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival goes to Swedish director Lund for the “Triangle of Sadness”. Ghent’s director Lukas Dhont won the Shared Grand Prix for his second feature film, Claus. And the Belgian party in Cannes will feature the Shared Jury Award for the “Eight Mountains” by Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix van Groningen, and the 75th Anniversary Special Award for the Film Festival for the Dardenne Brothers. It will be completed with.

There were three Belgian entries in the 21 films of the official Golden Palm competition, and there was certainly a Belgian wave in Cannes this year. But our Belgian filmmakers have to leave the Golden Palm to Swedish director Lund for the dark comedy “The Triangle of Sadness”. This is the second time Östlund has won Palmdor.

Emotional Lukas Dhont: “Vulnerability is a strength”

Two films in Cannes, two awards for Ghent filmmaker Lukas Dhont. At the festival four years ago, he won the “Girl” Best Debut Award, the Caméra d’Or. Currently, Don’t has won the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is ​​shared in Claire Doni’s films “Crows” and “Stars at Noon”.

“Close” is a stylized story about a fierce friendship between two suddenly confused 13-year-old boys. An intense story about love and friendship at a young age, inspired by Dhont’s own teenage years.

It was already clear after the premiere of “Crows” last Thursday that Don was a serious candidate for winning the award in Cannes. There, the director and his cast and crew received two applause instead of one good applause. Even before the premiere, Don and his entire team received overwhelming applause. “Pure Goose Bump”, that’s how VRTNWS filmmaker Leven Van Gills explained it. And there was applause that was still standing 10 minutes after the premiere.

With a very touching gratitude, in fluent French, Don thanked his partner, siblings, film producer, and his parents. An extensive and emotional passage about his mother. “Above all, thank you for showing me that I can connect with people that way and for showing me the power that Power Cinema can have.”

Don’t also complained of the vulnerability. “Being vulnerable is not a weakness. Getting others closer is a strength,” Dhont said.

Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix van Groningen Joint Jury Prize

The film couple Charlotte van der Mersch and Felix Van Groningen are also winners. He won the Jury Prize in Cannes and will be awarded to two films as well as the Grand Prix. The duo needs to share the award with Polish director Jerzy Sklimowski for his film “EO”.

“The Eight Mountains” is a film adaptation of the bestseller of the same name by Italian author Paolo Cognetti. This book is about the immortal friendship between the urban boy Pietro from Milan and the boy Bruno from the mountains. They get to know each other as a child during the summer vacation in the mountains. Over the years, contact has diminished, but their bond remains.

For actress Charlotte van der Meer, “Eight Mountains” is her first project as a director. Vandermeer originally directed the film alone, and Vandermeer co-wrote the script. The collaboration went so smoothly that Van Groningen immediately asked his wife to co-direct, and as a result, the couple shared the film award.

This movie brought us back, and it was necessary

Charlotte van der Meer in her acceptance speech after receiving the Jury Prize in Cannes

Charlotte van der Meersch’s emotional acceptance shows that the couple found themselves in the choppy water when they began to build the “eight mountains.” In French, she first thanks the jury several times and then consults with her partner.

“We wanted to make a movie about life, all its vulnerabilities, and all its strengths. About the four seasons of life we ​​experienced in the mountains. Felix, by making that movie together. , We were “very powerful, but fragile. The movie brought us back together. And it was necessary. Sincerely thank. I love to meet you.

Groningen thanked the Italian protagonist of “The Eight Mountains” and the producer of the English film. Later, Vandermer also thanked the writer Paolo Cognetti. “You put your heart into the book” Eight Mountains. ” Rufus, the son of Van Groningen, also had a brief thank you. “Thank you for your love and patience for us.”

Brothers Dardenne’s “Weather” Award

Belgian directors Dardenne and Luc Dardenne Habits At the Cannes Film Festival. They were repeatedly selected for official competitions and were able to win their third Golden Palm, setting a historic record. The record isn’t for this year, but Dardenne never goes home empty-handed. Received a special award on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.

Their movie “Torien Lokita” is about two young African refugees who travel to Belgium separately and make friends in difficult situations. In the film, Charlotte de Bruyne (known for the One series “The twelve”) and Tijmen Govaerts (known for the One series “Two summers”) also play two young Flemish actors.

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