Tonight we will start at Ossegempark in Atomium, Brussels Couleur Café. This three-day festival focuses on the talents of Afropop and Brussels. Therefore, DJ Blck Mamba in Brussels will do a home match and recommend three must-see acts.

Blck Mamba (Noonah Eze) broadcasts a weekly radio show at Studio Brussel, is a graphic designer and plays DJ sets at clubs and festivals around the world. At 5 pm tonight, she will open the Black Stage of Couleur Café with a unique mix of hip-hop and global club sounds.

In this edition Emphasize Couleur Café for afropop† In addition, the festival would like to showcase variations of Brussels music, including Blck Mamba, Zwangere Guy (Friday), STIKSTOF (Sunday), and Molenbeek’s rye singer Tiiw Tiiw.

Here are three tips from DJ BlckMamba:

1. DJ Maphorisa

South African producer and DJ Maphorisa will close the Black Stage tonight. According to DJ Blck Mamba, it’s “not more than correct.” “He plays the South African genre Amapiano. It’s a mix of deep house, jazz and electronica that’s gaining popularity around the world. Probably his own mix with the hottest Amapiano tracks right now. Will be put in. “

I can’t imagine Amapiano not making you happy

Dj Blck Mamba

Dj Blck Mamba continues to be a fan of this genre. “Amapiano sounds very soulful and jazzy,” she told Studio Brussels last year. “It’s perfect for a summer day. It’s also ideal apero music for many. It started when the DJ was playing at home and the musicians were playing the piano on it. Then they were different. Added the voice of. It’s that genre. I can’t imagine it. It doesn’t make you happy. ”

2. Pongo

The name Pongo may not make sense right away, but it is much more likely that you already know the voices of Angola and Engracia Domingos da Silva (her real name) in Portugal.

She sang the Buraka Som Sistema hit “Karemba (Weg Weg)”. She co-wrote her song and was one of the front women of the Portuguese group.

“She is going there alone now Return to the basics Like her latest album, Sakidilla, Blck Mamba explains.Music and dance It’s impossible to stick to her show, so hold hands here.Hope Brussels is ready for Pongo’s energetic show Brings the atmosphere of Kuduro to Couleur Café. ” (Kuduro is a danceable style born in Angola in the 80’s.)

3. Oma Rei

Omarei is on the green stage late Saturday night. He is only 24 years old. Every new single gives him tens of millions of views and he inspires countless young Africans. BBC put him in them “2021 Hot” List And this spring, the collaboration “Attention” between him and Justin Bieber was announced.

“During my trip to Nigeria, he was on the radio every hour because he was one of their new stars,” Blck Mamba explains. “I’m very happy to hear him talk a lot during the blockade and see him alive now. His emotional afropop is the ideal atmosphere for a sultry summer night.”

Last year, Couleur Café expressed concern about many music events at Heysel. This spring, Osegem Park will also host CORE, a new two-day festival in Werchter and Tomorrowland, with Brosera in early July. They were afraid of their survival because of the fierce competition. But it didn’t go that fast.

On the contrary, three years after the previous edition, ticket sales were “surprisingly smooth.” According to Irene Rossi, “Couleur Café is an established festival with a lot of fans.” Saturday is already sold out.

Check out the festival map here for a few days of festivals in Flanders and Brussels this summer. Each dot represents one festival. Click on it to see a short information sheet and a link to the event’s website. Click one of the months in the upper left to see only the festivals for that month on the map. You can zoom in so you can clearly see which cities and cities have different days of festivals.

Source: vrt


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