Rotselaar’s Chiro Wezemaal has been a Rock Werchter fixture for many years. It is an important moment for the youth movement to spice up the greenhouse. After Rock Werchter has been canceled for the past two years due to the corona crisis, Chiro Werchemaal is very pleased to be able to do this year as well.

“We have already done a lot of great things with the income from Rockwell Ftel,” Chiro Wezemaal’s Marc Bollen tells Radio 2. We are now using our income to maintain those classrooms as something can fall into the youth movement. Chiro Wezemaal also leverages Rockwellftel’s income to keep summer camp prices democratic.

In other years, Chiro Wezemaal could be found behind the bar at the festival venue. But this year you can find it behind the scenes. “We take care of the crew corner, that is, tap the beer for Rockwell Ftel employees.” But joy comes after work. That also applies to Chiro Wezemaal. “I can enjoy music as well as work. I work with 120 people from Chiro Wezemaal. I have one day’s work and six days’ work. But that’s a few hours of work. Every time I take a break. It’s time to enjoy the festival for a few hours. “

Source: vrt


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