Het Ooievaarsnest, a former farm in Pier’s Flote Brogel, is the birthplace of the painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It is now established according to the local Pieter Bruegel the Circle and the local landscape Kempen Maasland. They base this on years of research by historians. The house where he was born is now restored and played as a tourist attraction.

In 1604, historian Karel van Wolferen wrote that Pieter Bruegel was born in Grote-Brogel.Pieter Bruegel’s life, Bruegel’s outstanding painter … den Welcken was born in a village called Bruegel, not because of Breda. But that phrase has sparked a lot of controversy and speculation in the last few decades.

According to Peer’s Pieter Brueghel Circle, it is completely certain that the painter is not from Breda but from Grote Brogel near Bree. Partly because Bree was called Breda in Latin. And because Bruegel of the North Brabant is not at all close to Breda. The hypothesis that Peter Van Breda would have taken the name of Pieter Bruegel is also incorrect. Because the man died without a child, and therefore probably couldn’t have been Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

“It’s a wonderful thing that’s emerging here,” says Ignas Shops of the regional landscape Kempen en Maasland. “His birthplace is in the landscape, and most of the landscape is still recognizable and beautiful, and with the city of Naturpunto and Pier, I hope to restore it in the next few years. ”

“Het Ooievaarsnest is near the Abeek valley and, in my opinion, is the most beautiful valley in the area,” said Roeland Heylen, a former leasehold farm owner. “It’s a great meeting place and starting point for exploring the area.” Heylen wants to restore the building. “The outer walls of the farm are still almost intact and the vault is still in good condition. I would like to house the conference room and conference center here.”

Pieter Bruegel was born 500 years ago, from 2026 to 2027. It can now be fully celebrated at Pier, laughs Paul Kapals of Pieter Bruegel the Kling. “And his place of birth is with us in Flanders, Limburg! Bruegel belongs to the Flanders canon. He belongs to us.”

Source: vrt


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