The Antwerp Meyer van den Berg Museum is expanding. A building on the corner next to the house in the Antwerp district will be added. The building was the home of the parents of art collector Fritz van Denberg. His mother set up a museum for him.

The Mayer van den Berg Museum in Antwerp has been renovated and expanded. A building in the corner next to the museum will be added. This corner house was used to house services in the Antwerp district. They moved to Harmony Park last year.

This building was the home of art collector Fritz Mayer van Denberg. He wanted to set up a museum someday, but he died suddenly early. His mother, Henriette, finally did it after his death.

At that time, the museum was not designed to accommodate a large number of visitors.It has always been a little squeezed in this building

Thomas Reisen, Council of Five Elders Meyer van den Berg

“At the time, it wasn’t designed to accommodate a large number of visitors,” explains Thomas Leysen, chairman of the board, which co-manages the collection. “It was only seen by appointment. Fortunately, it’s been open for years, but there’s always been a problem with this building. Expanding to the next house is a big opportunity. . Family homes and private museums reunited. “

Dull Gret

“In the spirit of our founder, we want to keep the museum building as honest as possible,” Reisen continues. “But in the original family home, features such as reception and exhibition space can be better coordinated. There’s a lot going on there. It’s been refurbished and there’s a few things to do. . Today’s museums use as little intervention as necessary. “

The most famous work in the museum is the painting “Dull Gret” by Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder. In total, the collection consists of 3100 works of art and 2500 coins and tokens.

Source: vrt


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