Bradford Freeman, the last surviving veteran of the army on which the Band of Brothers books and series are based, died at the age of 97. This is due to an obituary posted online.

During World War II, Bradford Freeman was part of the Easy Company, a well-known company within the US Army Parachute Regiment. He participated in the Normandy Landings on D-Day and in 1944 Operation Market Garden to accelerate the conquest of Nazi Germany.

He was injured in the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 and January 1945.

After the war, he worked for the United States Postal Service for over 30 years.

The Easy Company story was featured in the HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers” directed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. It was based on the book of the same name by Stephen Ambrose.

Source: vrt


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