Antwerp pharmacists have almost run out of drug inventory for scabies. Highly contagious skin conditions are progressing in the city. “There are still medicines we can offer if people come to consult,” says Stephen Van den Brook of Radio 2’s Institute for Tropical Medicine.

Antwerp pharmacists cannot keep up with the demand for ointments and pills for scabies. This is because infectious skin diseases caused by itch mite are becoming more and more apparent. The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) still has tablets in stock and is providing assistance. It concerns ivermectin, a substance used against various parasites.

“There is an international supply problem of medicines for scabies. It’s easy to get to the waiting list for a few weeks at the pharmacy, but it’s not as serious as last year. ITM still has a reasonable stock. Otherwise patients they fall. If so, they can make an appointment with us, but they may still be able to receive medicine for scabies, “said Stephen Van den Brook, MD, Physician at the Radio 2 Tropical Institute in Antowerp. Says.

According to, the federal medical agency’s website that shows if the drug is available, there should be no national issues. The scabies medicine is labeled as “Re-available from April 28th”. Therefore, the shortage may be limited to Antwerp.

There is no explanation for recent advances in scabies, it can happen to anyone

Steven Van Den Broucke, Physician ITM

Sometimes people hesitate to admit that they still have scabies. “But that’s not necessary. Scabies can happen to anyone and to all levels of the population,” says Dr. Van den Brook. “For example, it has nothing to do with lack of hygiene. Close contact with an infected person is sufficient. Of course, living very close and barely washing clothes increases the risk.”

Listen to Radio 2 Listener Yvette’s testimony about scabies below.

Scabies like close contact

ITM scientists do not give a definitive explanation for recent advances in scabies in Flanders. “It is worth investigating itself. It turns out that this condition occurs more often in sleeping students living in rooms close to each other. Also, skin conditions are often asylum in which people live. You can see that it circulates in the center. It’s close to each other, “says Van den Brook on Radio 2.

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