Access to abortion is systematically impeded for undocumented women and girls. “Unacceptable,” says Doctors of the World. On the occasion of International Day for Abortion Rights, NGOs condemn the red tape in a memo to federal and local governments. There are no papers.

Unable to get care as a woman or girl in our country, having to visit 6 to 8 health care providers, often having 10 consultations and sometimes having an abortion. You have to wait nine weeks before you are given access to OCMW. This is because these PCSWs must depend on it. Procedure Emergency Medical Assistancein fact very Cumbersome teeth. “As a result, patients and providers are systematically entangled in a race against time within the legally mandated abortion window of 12 weeks’ gestation,” said Doctors of the World. said Emmy Desietre of .

All this has left women, caregivers and abortion centers in uncertainty for weeks

Emmy DeSite (Doctors of the World)

not only, Unnecessarily long administrative lead timeAlso Some CPAS himself sometimes appears extra checkers throw out For example, not all PCSWs interpret procedures in the same way. In other words, in some municipalities the procedure is easier than in others. Additionally, because each CPAS works with a limited number of abortion centers, women are very often referred for additional procedures.

“Because of all of this, women, caregivers and abortion centers have been in a state of uncertainty for weeks about a response from OCMW,” says Emmy DeSite. “It regularly leads to unacceptable moral and economic dilemmas, such as paying out-of-pocket for health care providers and recovering from the girls and women involved.”

“If nothing works, we will pay for it ourselves,” admits Nausicaa Martens of the VUB Abortion Center.

That’s unacceptable in a country like Belgium where women’s rights are so high

Emmy DeSite (Doctors of the World)

Too often there is also one Lack of knowledge, training and impartiality in some health care providers and social health services, as it turned out. “In a country like Belgium, where women’s rights are so high, that’s unacceptable,” Desité says. “And all the more so given that a significant proportion of patients have unwanted pregnancies as a result of sexual violence.”

In Portugal, a rule applies that anyone in Portuguese territory is entitled to an abortion free of charge if they wish.

Nausicaa Martens (Abortion Center VUB)

The Doctors of the World, along with a whole series of other organizations, are calling on the federal government to: Simplify procedureNausikaa Martens goes one step further. “In Portugal, the rule is that anyone in Portuguese territory has the right to have an abortion free of charge if they wish,” she says. “It would also be a good system for Belgium.”

In addition, ‘Doctors of the World’ calls for an increase in the length of time during which abortions are possible From 12th to 18th week of pregnancy and mandatory Removed 6 days reflection time For all women and girls.

In 2017, total 17,000 abortions Registered. “Doctor of the World” every year Ask 300 to 400 women without resident cards to have abortionsWe don’t have exact numbers because no one seems to be tracking them.

It’s also not clear how many of the undocumented women and girls end up having abortions. increase.

Source: vrt


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