Undocumented women and girls in our country face many obstacles in seeking an abortion. This has been criticized by Doctors of the World, an NGO on International Day for Abortion Rights. For these women, “access to abortion is systematically impeded.”

Undocumented immigrants cannot receive care and must apply for emergency medical assistance procedures. “The procedure regulates access to care for people living in precarious housing, but it is riddled with ambiguities, contradictions and administrative obstacles,” explains Doctors of the World. “As a result, patients and health care workers are systematically racing against time to complete procedures within the legally mandated abortion period of 12 weeks gestation.”

PCSW will cover the cost of this emergency medical assistance, but according to NGOs, different PCSWs do not always interpret procedures in the same way. As a result, abortion is easily accessible in one municipality and almost inaccessible in another.

Each CPAS also works with a limited number of abortion centers. “There are 15 such places on the territory of Brussels, but the City of Brussels CPAS is affiliated with only two of them. We have to, and CPAS will call in. Additional steps to regulate access to ‘deviant’ centers,” said Doctors of the World.

Interviews and case studies also show that some care providers and services lack knowledge, training and impartiality. “For example, some employees push their personal moral convictions and try to persuade women not to have abortions, which is unacceptable in a country like Belgium where women’s rights are very high. And all the more so given that it is a significant proportion.According to NGOs, four of our patients have had unwanted pregnancies as a result of sexual violence.

Together with 50 organizations, including the Flemish Abortion Center (LUNA), French-speaking family planning centers, human rights organizations and women’s movements such as Furia and Rosa vzw, Dokters van de Wereld has prepared a memorandum containing recommendations. They sent it to the relevant ministers.

They should, inter alia, streamline the administrative procedures for abortion, allow women to choose their health care providers, and inform, train and raise awareness of care providers about access to care and abortion. , seeks to shorten the period. Prior to abortion From 12th to 18th week of pregnancy and to abolish the mandatory reflection period of 6 days.

Source: vrt


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