The University of Hasselt has begun a large-scale study of tinnitus and tinnitus. Studies need to provide answers to the question of which lifestyle factors influence the development of tinnitus and cause hearing loss to exacerbate dissatisfaction.

In Flanders, officially 800,000 Flemish people suffer from tinnitus. 61,000 new patients are added each year. These people need to deal with tinnitus and hear whistles, beeps, or sea sounds without external reasons.

Tinnitus is caused by exposure to noise, but researchers say other factors such as eating behavior, drinking behavior, smoking, stress sensitivity, drug use, chronic conditions, viral infections, and the degree of physical activity in a person. Also plays a role. Chemotherapy can also cause it.

“In most cases, there is no cure for tinnitus that completely resolves the condition, so it is very important to find out which factors exacerbate or alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus,” says Professor Sarah Michelle.

Quality of life

Tinnitus can have a serious impact on people’s quality of life. “Most people feel little discomfort, but there are also large groups who are disabled by tinnitus, suffer from depression, or want to commit suicide,” says Professor Dominique Hansen.

Researchers want to use the results of their studies to make recommendations. “If physical activity turns out to help develop tinnitus, this could be an additional incentive to stimulate the sport. It should help reduce social costs.”

Jo Klaps: “Tinnitus is a friend who stays with me all day long.”

“For me, tinnitus is a kind of friend who stays with me all day long. Someone walks with me day and night and blows my ears and whistles. It’s very annoying, but You learn to deal with it, “says JoKlaps. A person who has been fighting hearing loss for about 3 years. In his case, the cause was a bout of Meniere’s disease.

Klaps avoids restaurants and crowded areas. “I don’t drink coffee or alcohol either,” he says. “I’m worried that I’ll blow a bigger whistle. I’m whistling now, but I can still live. The only medicine I know is rest. Sleep on time, Avoid noise and stress. “

The University of Hasselt is currently looking for 10,000 people who would like to participate in the study. Interested parties can find more information here:

Source: vrt


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