During a vehicle inspection on the E313 in Hasselt, customs and the Limburg road police found over 32 kilograms of cannabis. The street value is 240,000 euros. The driver of the car was then arrested.

On Wednesday evening, customs stopped the car near the Hasselt South exit on the E313 towards Liège. The car’s license plate had been detected by cameras because the fine was prominent.

During the check, customs officials noticed a pungent odor. They found bags of cannabis totaling 32 kilograms and worth at least €240,000 in the car’s cargo area.

The driver of the car is a 23-year-old man of Albanian nationality who lives in our country without any documents. The road police arrested him, meanwhile the investigating judge arrested him. The man also tested positive for saliva. Therefore, his driver’s license was also revoked for 15 days.

A local detective from the Limburg Provincial Police Department continues the investigation.

Source: vrt


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