Prosecutors in Leuven conducted a raid near the house where three bodies were found in June. The resident was arrested for questioning, prosecutor Sarah Callewart confirmed.

Emergency services were called on the night of June 10 by a man who said he had been stabbed with a knife. When paramedics arrived at Saverstraat in Kessel Her Lo, the corpses of her three victims, a 54-year-old woman, her 23-year-old son and a visiting friend of the family, 47, were found. Discovered. Three were killed by “countless stab wounds”.

At first it was thought to be a family drama, but it soon became apparent that an outsider had stabbed him. Two days after the incident, a man and a woman were arrested and questioned. turned out to be irrelevant.

Today, the Public Prosecutor’s Office conducted a new raid on Zawel Street – this was reported by the HLN and confirmed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Investigators searched the house all day long. A resident is being questioned. Prosecutor Sarah Callewart has confirmed that interrogation will not take place immediately and will not be able to ascertain whether the resident has any suspicions of the facts.

Source: vrt


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