The Limburg Public Prosecutor’s Office has said it has completed an investigation into possible misconduct with money from Puckelpop, but has come up with no results.

Last September, prosecutors in Limburg opened an investigation into possible wrongdoing by the company behind Pukkelpop. That research came after an article on the controversial satirical website ‘tSheldt’.

Specifically, it was about money that the company behind Pukkelpop didn’t use right. For example, The Factory, the most important company behind Pukkelpop, turned from a non-profit organization with a social purpose to his commercial BVBA. According to the law, money previously earned by non-profit organizations may also be used by bvba only for its social purposes.

€7.7 million was involved, but that amount has fallen to around €4 million in recent years. According to the website tScheldt, part of it was used to cover Corona losses. Behind it are his four shareholders, the same as The Factory.

The court has now said that although these cases are being investigated, malpractice has not been established. Therefore, the investigation was closed and shelved, hence no results.

The then Flemish Minister of Labor (cd&v) put Corona aid from the government on hold pending an investigation, while Puckelpop received the aid, worth 1.8 million euros.

Tissue Puckel Pop Satisfaction

The organization behind Pukkelpop has reacted with relief to the news that the investigation was dropped. Of course Puckel Pop, after the weekend.”

Source: vrt


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