The Brussels Youth Prosecutor’s Office has to check the health of children left behind in the swimming pool at the Water Amusement Park Propsaqua in Landen Hanuit on Sunday night. parents are asked.

On Sunday evening, a Propsaqua employee saw something move between some bags at an outdoor location at the pool complex. He found two young children there: I have a baby and a 2 year old toddler. My eldest son had a fever and seemed unwell. Emergency services were then called and it was decided to take the children to the hospital.

A little later, parents of 21 and 24 years old appeared. They left the children aside while they went swimming. When they arrived they went to the hospital with their children. According to Liège prosecutors, they would have ensured that the children were under surveillance. The children were found to be in non-life-threatening conditions at the hospital.

According to Liège Renaud Xhonneux’s first attorney at the public prosecutor’s office, his parents had committed no crime. However, there will be an investigation into the living conditions of the children. It is necessary to check the health of children. This is the so-called protection investigation. Since the family lives in Brussels, the Liège Public Prosecutor’s Office will turn over the investigation to the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Youth Prosecutor’s Office there tracks the case.

The parents first went to the hospital with their children and still did not hear a voice. it will happen later.

Source: vrt


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