In the first half of this year, customs seized 35.83 tonnes of cocaine at the port of Antwerp. Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem (CD&V) says he is now at 2020 levels. Last year, in the first half he seized 58 tons. Van Petegem stresses that fighting drug trafficking remains a priority for him, but adds that all governments must work together to achieve this.

In the first half of the year, 35.83 tons of cocaine were seized in the port of Antwerp, as well as about 28 tons of cocaine in ports of origin in Latin America. “Today’s numbers make it clear that we must continue to invest in that fight,” Van Petegem said on Radio 1’s “The Morning.”

In the past six months, customs has checked over 40,000 total containers. This concerns not only drug control, but also the regulation of embargoes against Russia.

“Risk analysis is key here. He wants to continue to invest in customs. 108 additional customs officers have been hired and additional investment in scanners in docks and portable scanners for faster checks. There will be long- and medium-term strategies, as well as strategies for more national, European and international cooperation.

I think it makes it clear that this is a priority

Vincent Van Peteghem Minister of Finance (CD&V)

Minister Van Peterghem is concerned about attacks in Antwerp in recent weeks. “Local security agencies can always demand this from the federal government.”

He denies that the federal government does not view the fight against drugs as a priority. or make sure they want to renew their Power Plan.” I’m talking about adding.

“I think we have made it clear that this is a priority. But of course everyone has to do their part. Governments must also play their part, and we will participate in this.”

Source: vrt


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