In the large-scale process of Genk Luana’s murder in Tongeren, the Court of Cassation needs to decide whether the process can be continued with the current chair. Yesterday, one of the defendants, two lawyers, filed a request to challenge the chair. They don’t think he’s fair. However, the chair himself disagrees.

According to the accused Emrah T. lawyer, the chair of the assize process is unfair. Therefore, they filed a revocation request. However, the chair disagrees and does not set aside. The Court of Cassation must now consider the case.

“There are two possibilities,” explains spokesman Jo Daenen. “After the Court of Cassation accepts the opposition, a new chair must be appointed. Then a new trial will be required, or the Court of Cassation will not accept the opposition and the process will continue.”

In any case, even if the chair is allowed to continue working, the process will be significantly delayed. Next week, a new major trial is planned in Tongeren, so it’s a trial for the murder of Silvio Aquino.

Source: vrt


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