A police court in Leuven sentenced Prince Laurent to a fine of € 200 for his old man’s inspection expired. It has not been inspected since 2014. The prince himself said he only drove the old man a few times while he waited for his appointment at the inspection.

Prince Laurent came directly to the police court in Leuven this morning. He had to show up because his old Porsche inspection had expired for more than seven years. This became apparent after being discovered by traffic surveillance cameras in Tervuren on June 13, 2021. In court, he explained that the car he had since his marriage had been sitting in his garage for some time. “I removed the license plate, but he wasn’t registered anymore,” said Prince Laurent.

If he wanted to drive the old man again, Prince Laurent had to re-register his car. “It was difficult to make a reservation before the test. There were also health problems and I couldn’t go to the test with covid. It took a long time, that’s it. The insurance was in place, that’s the most important thing. . “

The judge determined that the infringement had been proven and applied the law. In addition to a fine of € 200, the prince must pay € 80 for legal costs and € 22 to the Free Service Fund. As a rule, Prince Laurent has 30 days to appeal the verdict, but he has already indicated that he will accept the judge’s decision. Why do you need to complain? It only makes the problem more difficult. ”

Source: vrt


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