The fact that both the defendant in the Sandadia case and the civilian parties are each represented by a well-known lawyer does not mean that there is class justice. That’s what Sanda Deer’s mother, David Dendonker’s lawyer, says in “appointment.”

Sanda Dia’s mother, a student who died in 2018, will attend a full trial of 18 suspects and hopes to get answers to their questions. Did you die? Life has come.

Three and a half years after Sanda Deer’s death, 18 members of the Royzegoum Student Club continue to be tried after a meeting with medical professionals has already been held in the fall. From Friday, Reuzegommers will have their say. Sandadia’s mother is represented in court by lawyer David Dendon Carr.

Briefly, the case of Sanda Dia

Sanda Dia, a 20-year-old student in Edegem, was in her third year as a civil engineer at KU Leuven when she wanted to join the student club Reuzegom. To that end, he had to attend an extreme baptismal ritual on December 4th and 5th, 2018. A baptismal ritual that ultimately leads to his death.

On the second day, Mita, along with the other two shafts, had to dig a well in Vorselaar and sit there. There they were given ice-cold water in a bucket, had to eat all sorts of dirty things, and had to drink a lot of fish oil.

He was finally taken to the hospital in the evening. But two days after the baptism died, there was no help anymore.

Eighteen Reuzegom members are currently being tried in criminal court. They have been charged with accidental killings, intentional use of deadly toxic substances, degrading treatment, negligence, and animal welfare violations.

Class justice is not determined by who acts as a lawyer, but depends on the interests given by the judge or the procedures not followed.

Lawyer David Dendon Carr

Dendoncker is confident in the functioning of the judiciary. According to Dendoncker, the various parties to the trial were represented by renowned lawyers such as Sven Mary, Natalie Buisserette, Chris Louisx, Jan de Mann, Johann Plateau, John Mace and Joris Van Coater. The fact that it is is not an indication of class. justice.

“Class justice does not depend on who is the lawyer. It depends on whether certain benefits are given by the judge or certain procedures are not followed. Being in the media more than any other lawyer. The fact that there is a lawyer is not the case for us. It’s a sign that there is justice in the class, “Dendoncker said in his” appointment. “

“I’m sure the judge can deal with it. It may not be a bad thing to have people in this dramatic file who can keep quiet and have enough experience. It’s a discussion of all parties. I think it only strengthens. “Good things come. “

Sandadia’s mom asks a big question: why didn’t anyone say “stop”?

Sandadia’s mother will attend a full trial. The ruling is scheduled for the end of May.

“My mother has a big question. Tomorrow, 18 defendants are likely to be asked by the chair. She wants to know why. Why? Baptism thought they would” quit. ” There was no moment, “says Dendoncker.

“It’s a human question she wants to be answered. That’s the hope she has. Tomorrow one of 18 people will say: This happened, but it shouldn’t happen. It’s something that shouldn’t happen. Is her hope. I don’t know about it. “At the end of the process, the answer to that question is returned. There are 18 parties, all of which have a story. She knows that too. “

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