The Federal Justice Police (FGP) in East Flanders has put together a gangster suspected of mass-producing cannabis. The gang was active in East Flanders and West Flanders. Ten suspects have been arrested and taken to Ghent’s investigative judge.

Today’s raid is the result of an investigation initiated by the Federal Justice Police (FGP) East Flanders in November 2021. The survey targeted gangsters involved in the establishment of cannabis plantations. Members of the gang were photographed in the first investigation, after which an East Flanders prosecutor decided to request an investigative judge in Ghent.

Further investigation finally revealed the organizations that are believed to have established plantations in Ghent, Elpe-Mele and Welvik. During the coordinated judicial action, five house searches were conducted simultaneously in Ghent (2), Erpe-Mere (Aaigem), Aersto and Welvik. Two active plantations were found at the Ghent and Eigem addresses, two inactive plantations in Welvik, and another at Ghent’s address.

Ten suspects were arrested and arrested for today’s actions. They are all brought before Ghent’s investigative judge. During the search, there was cooperation with various services of the Federal Police. Special forces were responsible for the raid on the plantation. Civil defense helped clear the plantations.

Source: vrt


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