A 57-year-old man from Bocholt was banned from keeping animals for three years by a Tongeren judge. Last summer, 425 neglected animals were found in both his yard and home. All animals were confiscated, but subsequent examination revealed that the man had relapsed.

Police were informed last summer that a man had kept 200 animals at home and was negligent. However, a check on July 5 revealed that a man in his 50s also had a lot of animals in his yard, which were also ignored. More than 300 pigeons and dozens of rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens were involved. They lived in a small and very dirty pen. Many corpses were also found. The man dumped many of them in his GFT container. His dog, Malinois, was tied to a tree.


All animals were confiscated and taken to a bird and mammal rescue center for care. On September 14, police checked the man again and again found the corpse and animal with a dirty, too small pen. The 50-year-old kid still had the opportunity to get everything right, but new checks in the weeks that followed showed that things didn’t improve. Judge Tongeren has now sentenced Bocortenar to a ban on animal breeding for the next three years and a fine of € 3,200 with some postponements.

Source: vrt


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