Many Ukrainian children staying in Limburg received gifts made by detainees from Hasselt prison this weekend. The children responded very enthusiastically, according to the guards who were trying to hand out the Easter eggs. Gifts were also given to Belgian children at home and in hospitals and children who came to prison.

A group of men and women have been making Easter gifts in recent weeks. The war in Ukraine is also not without debate among detainees in Hasselt prisons. When the idea of ​​doing something for Ukrainian children was born in Limburg, the prisoners were very enthusiastic about making gifts.

This was from prison and the detainees received many positive reactions that they voluntarily cooperated with it.

Guard Pascal Cress

The small paper basket was full of chocolate figures and wishes in Ukrainian. Hundreds of waffles and cupcakes were baked in the women’s department on Friday and distributed over the weekend. “We were able to reach a total of 458 children,” says Pascale Claes, a prison officer at Hasselt Prison. “The reaction was great, thankful everywhere, this was from prison, and we received a positive reaction that the detainees voluntarily cooperated with this. We received a warm welcome and received a warm welcome. Given coffee and Ukrainian pastries. The kids made pictures and crafts to thank us. It was great. “

On Friday, waffles and cupcakes were still being baked in the women's ward of the prison.

Other children in Limburg also received Easter gifts made by Hasselt prisoners. Approximately 282 Belgian children staying in hospitals, treatment centers and homes were given chocolates and waffles. Children who visited the prison also received the basket. “We were asked by his parents if the prisoners were obliged to make those gifts,” says Pascal Cress. “They thought it was great to do this completely voluntarily.”

The detainees who cooperated are very pleased with their work and would like to continue participating in the charity project.

Source: vrt


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