In Venlo, Limburg, the Netherlands, 250 people received a one-time text message from police to raise awareness of the risks of drug use. Their number was found on the transaction phone of the arrested drug dealer. “If you succeed in helping one drug user quit, it’s a victory.”

“Your phone number was found on the drug dealer’s trading phone. Is the drug annoying you? There is a solution! Go to! person who received such a text message yesterday near Venlo in Limburg, the Netherlands must have been very excited. Who is the sender? The local police in Venlo.

A number of 250 recipients of the text was virtually found on the phone of a 22-year-old man arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, as the text says. With this approach, police want to “press the user with the facts,” which can be heard in a press release.

In our work, we often come across people who have lost sight of their escape route.Sometimes users depend on their dealer

Venlo Beesel Police Team Chief Hans de Haas

This approach has already been tried several times in the Netherlands.Included in UtrechtZuboleLeadHelmont And the island Goeree-Overflakkee Hundreds of drug seller contacts (in the case of Leiden: thousands) had previously received a message. The number is used only once and is not registered with the police system.

Crime system

The main purpose is to inform them that they can stop their drug use, says Hans de Haas, team chief of the Venlo-Beesel police, in a press release. “In our work, we often come across people who have lost their way out. Sometimes users rely on dealers, make their homes available as storage, or have a bank account. In some cases, it is being abused in financial transactions. As a user, you are involved in a crime. “

The link in the text message leads to the website of the municipality of Venro, which explains the police actions. “If you succeed in helping one drug user stop, it’s a win,” says Mayor Antoin Scholten (VVD). “Drug users are not always aware that they maintain a criminal system. Their environmental impact is often underestimated.”

Damien Versele, general director of De Sleutel, a center of drug treatment and prevention, says this could help us as well. “It’s always a good idea to show people how to help. I don’t want to say if it has to go through the police, but it can be an incentive to effectively seek help.”

Source: vrt


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