Prosecutor Halle-Vilvoorde will not begin investigating fraud cases where the perpetrators may be abroad and less than € 10,000 has been stolen. It writes Het Nieuwsblad. According to the prosecution, such cases are rarely resolved.

A message from a son or daughter who has a new mobile phone and asks to send money urgently. An email or text message from your bank or government with a link to click. In many cases, they appear to come from scammers abroad. And probably no one will be arrested. In such cases, if the loot is less than € 10,000, the Halle-Vilvoorde Prosecutor’s Office will not start the investigation.

“We did some exercises some time ago to find out which studies were most likely to succeed and which studies tended to fail,” explains Carol Vercarre. She is a spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Halle Villefold. “Police and prosecutors have limited people and resources, so we have to make a choice, so we started thinking about how to allocate these people and resources. The chances of success are the lowest. I need to ask foreign police to investigate, but in reality I realized that this rarely leads to concrete results. No further investigation is needed. “

The prosecutor has set a threshold. If the loot exceeds € 10,000, the investigation will begin. Where is the distinction? “That doesn’t mean that those files will be resolved. In fact, it’s very likely that these cases won’t be resolved either. But to investigate so many cases, we’re limited somewhere. Had to set up a big loot., Hoping they’re still settled. “

If not investigated after all, do you still need to go to the police to report such a scam? “Of course, going to the police is still useful. There is always the possibility that a particular account number will be used in that scam that also appears in other cases. Then, combining those cases, you can find a solution. Maybe you can. Lead. “

Source: vrt


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