CD & V will announce the successor to Wooter Beak at the Flanders Government tonight. In the party, there is hope that the music chair can pull the party away from the downturn. But things are rumbling behind the party, says Wetstrat watcher Ivan de Vadder.

On CD & V, the resignation of Joachim Coens as party chair ultimately had a domino effect. After his first dismissal, a second dismissal followed.

The resignation of President Joachim Cohens has put too much pressure on the troubled Minister of Health and Welfare, Wooter Beak. Only a week after the Coen brothers resigned, Beke also resigned.

Wooter Beak literally said he wanted to resign and give the new CD & V president an opportunity. At the same time, he deprived the new chair, and perhaps Sammy Mahdi, of the opportunity to “energically” intervene in himself and find a new minister.

The new minister-and Sammy Mahdi’s own successor-is still elected by the retiring President Cohens. And he wants to run the entire musical chairs game at once, he said last Friday in “Friday Schedule”. Sammy Mahdi’s successor will not be announced until he becomes a valid president.

Who will be the minister?

Anyone who reads the newspaper will get a complete list of potential ministers: many Limburg politicians such as Vera Jans, Nawar Fali, or the mayor of Genk Wim. dry.

However, there are also names of some white rabbits with health care experience such as Inge Vervotte-but she was often asked to return-as the manager of Margot Cloet-Zorgnet-Icuro, often in policy. Minister Beke, who was very critical, but on “Day 7” she said she would continue to do-or Luc Van Gorp, the boss of Christian Mutualities mentioned by Het Nieuwsblad. You may know who you will be tonight.

Lower abdomen

In CD & V, there is great hope that the music chair can pull the party away from the downturn. Some have an unwavering belief in the future. In many cases, it refers to what Tom Van Gleken of Frams Belan and Connor Rousseau of Voorit have accomplished.

Also yesterday, on “Day 7”, House CD & V leader Servais Verherstraeten said Vooruit was still 8% before a few votes and DeVote is now finished at 15.4%.

However, he soon contradicted Bree’s CD & V Mayor Liesbeth Vander Auwera. It was Van der Owella, who probably unintentionally pointed out Beke’s lack of empathy, who hit Wooter Beak on Friday morning.

And now, as the party’s top is too far from the base, he clearly stated that the transfer would be far from solving the problem.

Therefore, Mayor Bree interprets the voice of the lower abdomen of CD & V. Affligem Mayor Walter de Donder, who is no longer a candidate for chair, remembers that CD & V supplies one-third of the Flemish mayor. Therefore, the abdomen is also the power base of the party. And the top doesn’t really consider it, De Donder said.

Great mission

Van der Auwera gave another example. It’s a nitrogen-related document that closes a Flanders farming company. According to Van der Auwera, CD & V Agriculture Minister Hilde Crevits was not sensitive enough to negotiate a nitrogen agreement. She calls this file an example of an unreliable government.

For some time, Hilde Klevitz will not answer these statements, but after Wouter Beke, he will answer the question of whether she will appear in the photo to give her a new chairman’s opportunity. “Telzake” she received “a big mission from voters and a big mission from the party”.

This immediately raises the question of whether Wooter Beak, who had a major mission from voters, was softly pushed to the exit as he no longer received the trust of the party. Again, the resignation of Chair Cohens has had a domino effect on the party.

Open VLD escape

For example, we are watching CD & V for a week. As a result, OpenVLD, which did not improve its score even after voting by DeStemming, was a little out of the spotlight. That’s because a score of just over 10% and a significant drop in Prime Minister De Crew’s popularity are real warning signals.

And Open VLD also needs to deal with MR Georges-Louis Bouchez, the chairman of the French-speaking sister party. He is once again running a very impressive campaign in Flanders. Everyone says (for the time being), despite the fact that he doesn’t speak Dutch because he wants to be prime minister. And Bushes has other plans.

In an interview with “Telzake,” Bushes said he dreamed of establishing a “National Liberal Party.” It’s a non-broadcast passage, but it tells everything about GLB’s ambitions in Flanders.

I don’t know if open VLD will be so excited about MR’s plans. In any case, for now the parties seem to be obsessed with themselves, and as a result, their work in government seems to be virtually deadlocked. It may be due to the early summer weather.

Source: vrt


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