Intimidation and the Aquino family’s own investigation made the judicial inquiry into the killing of Silvio Aquino more difficult. That’s what the investigators who testified this morning in Tongeren’s associating process say. After the murder of Silvio Akino on August 27, 2015, relatives themselves began looking for possible suspects. They went to take a picture of the deceased in the morgue of UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven.

In a nutshell:

On August 27, 2015, the car that Silvio Akino was riding with his wife Sylvia stopped. By four men in balaclava, not by the police as Silvio first thought. Silvia escaped, but Silvio couldn’t. He was killed with seven bullets. The man currently on trial is a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina clan, and their suspicious client is a man from Zutendaal. What was the motive, the ransom demand or the solution within the drug environment is unknown. You can read the entire case reconstruction here.

The following post summarizes some parts of today’s testimony. This afternoon, Silvio Aquino’s widow testifies, she witnessed the facts, but she was able to escape.

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Police Secretary: “The Aquino family wrote a threatening message on the door of a suspicious client’s cell.”

Later, police said the Aquino family also threatened the suspect and his aides. As a result, special security measures were taken in the prison where they were held. Transportation to and from prison had also had to be secured. It is clear from this message affixed to the door of the cell of suspicious client Martino T. that they had accomplices in prison through a criminal network. That is, “Bastard Martino T must perish, Silvio said.”

Acinos denies the threat. However, according to Martino T.’s lawyer, the threat could be the only reason his clients have ever been silent and denied involvement in the murder.

Police Secretary: “The Aquino family went to take a picture of UZ Leuven’s corpse.”

Silvio Aquino’s family also conducted their own investigation, says the Secretary of the Federal Justice Police. For example, on September 16, 2015, a few weeks after Silvio was killed, they went to UZ Gastuisberg in Leuven. There, the bodies of dead companions lay in the morgue. They disguised themselves as representatives of an insurance company that would pay for the funeral to welcome the deceased. After being alone for a while, I took a picture of my physical condition and went away again.

Police wanted to track the other perpetrators themselves out of the dead, police testified. Later, other photographs from surveillance cameras far from the facts were also found on their mobile phones. “They did not believe in police and judicial investigations and conducted their own investigations,” said the Commissioner. “When police visited them, they offered to pay € 50,000 in exchange for the identity of the perpetrator.”

Police Secretary: “This was not a normal investigation.”

“This was by no means a regular investigation,” said the Limburg Federal Judicial Police Commissioner, which was launched this morning. A file with 40,000 pages and over 47,500 hours processed by the Federal Police.

The detective was fortunate that one of the perpetrators died during the shooting at Silvio Aquino. His companions shrugged and left his body in Roermond, the Netherlands. After confirming his identity, police immediately identified other suspects.

The executor is a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina clan, a presumed client, and a man from Zutendaal, where the Aquino family lived in conflict. However, the investigation was difficult due to the blood rule, which is an obligation of silence among the suspects. Various fake identity eavesdropping, telephone inquiries, and investigations took hours to solve the puzzles and questions about this murder in the mafia environment.

Early in the process

The trial began on May 6 with strict security measures. Clan leader Sandro H. caused a fuss when he made a cutting gesture across his throat towards the Aquino family. Last week, five defendants were asked. Suspicious client Martino T. has denied all allegations. “I have nothing to do with all this story. It has nothing to do with the dead.” The clan leader suddenly confessed that he was the one who shot Silvio Akino last week.

The accused stated that his intention was only to rob Silvio Aquino. One accused stated that his intention was to demand a ransom from him. As a result of the investigation, the intention of the operation was not completely revealed. It could also be a solution in the drug environment.

Recently, many police officers involved in the investigation have testified.

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