The Antwerp Criminal Court sentenced a 52-year-old Antwerp citizen to 40 months in prison and a fine of € 1,200. He stole money and cell phones from the six victims in the guise of a plainclothes police officer.

Defendant was approaching two men who tried to get into the car around midnight on November 20, 2021. He accused them of drunk driving and asked if they agreed to a friendly reconciliation. Then he drove them to an ATM, where they withdrew 500 euros. The man also handed him 90 euros, which they still had in their pockets and cell phones.

On December 11, he targeted a man who was urinating in public. The victim had to empty his pocket first, after which the defendant demanded money. If he didn’t pay, he would have to come to the police station with me. The victim could only withdraw € 20 at the ATM and then had to buy something for the defendant at the night shop.

Ten days later, the defendant had a cell phone during the search. He told the victim that he could collect his equipment at the police station the next day, but when he appeared there, they found out they knew nothing and he was scammed. I noticed.

On December 22, the defendant had a man empty his pocket because he was suspected of possessing a drug. After the victim also handed him his bank card and code, the defendant used it for collection and purchase.

Defendant expressed regret

The man was arrested on January 19. He had a name tag with the Antwerp police zone logo in his pocket and confessed that he had disguised himself as a police officer. He sold what he took from himself. He also had a hard drive stolen from the dormitory the day before.

The man had a criminal record and was in prison from August 2016 to August 2021. After his release, he committed a crime because he no longer had a reliable network and was suffering from financial problems. He regretted the three victims of the civil proceedings and told the court that he was being treated. He has to pay the victim € 3,769 in damages. The name tag has been confiscated.

Source: vrt


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