Leuven activist Marie Samin has been found guilty of performing a stunt at the official residence of Flemish Prime Minister Jean Jambon (N-VA). Last December she entered the so-called Errerahuis, where she made a film and fled with some items. He was convicted of hacking and is currently facing a 100-hour community service order.

On December 7, 2021, Samijn took part in a demonstration against mandatory vaccination of medical staff. Mr. and Mrs. Rubens believe our government is mishandling the Corona pandemic and wanted to clarify her message during the demonstration. When she returned to her home a few hours later, she passed the Herrera House, the official residence of the Flemish government and Prime Minister Jean Jambon. “I was let in and suddenly left alone,” she said at a criminal court hearing last month. , embassies, and ministers with information about vaccinations, solutions in epigenetics and neurodynamics, and the abuse of African countries by Europe. I used to take it with me.”

No Violent Theft

According to activists, she’s done nothing wrong with it. “It was tax paid. It’s not theft, is it?” he said, trying to defend himself in court. “I don’t see why I should be punished.” and sentenced Samijn to 100 hours of community service on charges of theft, computer science forgery, and external hacking. Defendant was, in fact, adapting her PowerPoint presentation on a laptop opened at Errera House. “The code was on my laptop. Indeed, I added a slide with figures on pedo porn and human trafficking in various European countries. I wanted you to read that message,” she explained.

The woman wandered around the building for about an hour and a half before being released by a janitor. According to Brussels prosecutors, she would have committed violence, but the court did not consider this to be proven.

Source: vrt


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