Mayor Bart De Wever has decided to close shops on the Ossenmarkt for two weeks. This business pretends to be a newsagent, but in reality it operates as a night market without the proper permits by the owner.

The mayor of Antwerp, Bart de Weber (N-VA), has decided to impose a two-week forced closure on shops in Ossenmarkt. The business pretended to be a newsagent, but actually acted as a night shop. The owner did not have proper permission to do so. Also, the accommodation is not located in the shopping district.

During various checks, police also found a minimal supply of newspapers and magazines. Only one or his two copies of most titles were offered. The store manager also admitted to officers that the store mainly sold drinks and food.

By operating the business as a night market without obtaining the proper permits, operators circumvented the compulsory checks necessary to ensure public order and safety in the area. There was a risk of nuisance because it was a store with many stallholders. For example, the Ossenmarkt was often full of empty packages and bottles. De Wever has therefore decided to temporarily close the store.

After a two-week mandatory closure, stores can only reopen if management can prove they respect the law. The closure will take effect on November 28th.

Source: vrt


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