In Mechelen, a 16-year-old Joyrider gets caught in a Mechelen vest while fleeing the police. “He was driving between 100 and 120 kilometers per hour in certain parts,” says Mechelen, Dirk Van de Sande, of the Villebruck police.

Mechelen police spotted a small car with four people in the back seat on Tuesday evening. When they tried to stop the car at Zwartzustersvest, the driver fled. “He drove at a very high speed of 100 to 120 kilometers per hour on the inner ring road of Mechelen, endangering pedestrians and cyclists,” said his Dirk Van de Sande from Mechelenwilbrook police. .

“He also ran a red light and tried to take a side road at Koningin Astridran, when he lost control of the steering wheel and stopped in a plantation.”

The driver rented a shared car through a fake account under his 88-year-old name

Dirk van de Sande, local police Mechelen Willebroek

It turned out to be a 16-year-old young man from Antwerp. “He said he came to Mechelen in a shared car for a joyride,” says Van de Sande. “He rented the car from a fake account in the name of an 88-year-old driver.”

The young man could face a series of fines, including speeding and breaking a traffic light.

Source: vrt


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