In Antwerp, 14 people were sentenced to eight years in prison for major drug cases. Investigators tracked down the gang after drugs were discovered in 2018. By eavesdropping on the conversation, the police were ultimately able to seize about three tons of cocaine. Prisoners also include former dock workers.

In 2018, customs seized over 300 kg of cocaine at the port of Antwerp. The drug was found at the bottom of a refrigerated container with bananas from Suriname. Two days later, the container was stolen, and after investigating, investigators visited former docker Kenny VA.

Observation and Phone Tap

Surveillance and eavesdropping revealed that more drugs were on the way and that they were aimed at “Che”. It turns out. On December 20, 2018, a refrigerated container of Ecuadorian bananas was seized with more than 2,000 packages of his cocaine, totaling him 2.4 tons.

Redouan C. denied being “Che,” but the court found him guilty and sentenced him to eight years in prison. Kenny VA He got 7 years. Three defendants were acquitted and another sentenced him to seven years in prison. A fine of up to €80,000 was also imposed.

Source: vrt


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