Dozens of abandoned animals were seized at Ekro’s home. These are paralyzed dogs, sick cats and snakes. The animals are currently being cared for at places such as the Wirthland Animal Center in Haasdonk near Beveren.

A total of 43 abandoned animals were seized in Eeklo. This happened during a check by the police and Animal Welfare Department. These are dogs, cats and snakes. Abandoned animals were taken to various shelters, including the Worthland Animal Centre. There they take in four paralyzed dogs and four sick cats who are constantly shaking their heads. All the animals stayed at Eklo’s house and residents brought them from abroad. “The paralyzed dog comes from Macedonia,” says Brigitte de Valere of the Worthland Animal Centre. “The dog had an accident there and was paralyzed. Those animals were in danger of death. That’s why the Ekro women brought the animals to our country.”

I even want to buy a wheelchair so my paralyzed dog can walk again.

Brigitte De Baere, Animal Center Worthland


The animals are in very bad shape. “We weren’t good at it when we picked up the animals at Ekro,” Bridget says. “It’s not a human. The animal was wearing diapers, had injuries to its genitals, and was in a lot of pain.”

“We are currently trying to get the best care of the animal. We hope the genitals will heal, but we cannot be certain. We are awaiting veterinary advice if the animal survives. We can.” I’m trying to do everything I can. I even want to buy a wheelchair so my paralyzed dog can walk again. But we need to make sure it’s doable for those animals. .

The Animal Welfare Department must decide what happens to the animal. Eeklo also conducts judicial investigations into animal neglect.

Source: vrt


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