A judge in Mechelen has convicted a gymnastics teacher who molested several young children at a school in Mechelen. The man was given a five-year suspended prison term and is no longer allowed to exercise any work or hobby that contacts minors.

A gymnastics teacher, 24, was arrested in early 2020 after she told her a toddler came home and asked a man to show and touch his genitals. Other parents reported similar incidents to the police, and a large number of child abuse images were found at the gym teacher’s home.

The man was summarily dismissed from the school in Mechelen where he was a gymnastics teacher. A judge now found him guilty of breaching the sexual integrity of a minor (previously obscene assault), possession of child abuse imagery, and obscene exposure. You will be sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of one year and must receive medical treatment. He will also be deprived of his civil rights for ten years and the right to engage in work or hobbies that contact minors for twenty years.

Source: vrt


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