Brussels police have conducted nine raids this week in an investigation into a drug cartel. Investigators said he not only demolished three cannabis plantations, but was also able to obtain €124,000 in cash and 60 gold and silver bars. Eleven people were arrested in connection with the act.

A spokesperson for the Brussels Capital/Ixelles Police Department described the capture as a “serious blow to the drug environment”. We conducted house searches. Police found three active cannabis plantations containing a total of 1,562 plants, “many drugs were found during the raid”. discovered.”

Detectives also seized €124,000 of drug money, as well as 25 gold and 45 silver bars. “Two silenced guns and a shotgun were also found at the burglarized address, as well as luxury clothing items worth approximately €20,000. A total of 11 people were arrested and provided to the investigating judge,” it said. , it is still audible.

Source: vrt


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