Justice Minister Vincent van Quickenborn (Open VLD), together with the Attorney General and police representatives, has decided to punish police violence more severely and more quickly. In addition, each public prosecutor’s office appoints a magistrate to participate in acts of violence against the police, and no act can be dismissed.

Automatic increases in sentences for violence against police are now included in the draft new Penal Code for 2025, but it was decided Thursday to speed up the measures. The Minister already wants to insert this section of the new Penal Code into the current Penal Code.In this way the increased penalties will be applied more quickly.

A new agreement, already under consideration during talks with trade unions, is the expansion of zero tolerance with “defiance”. From now on, there will always be legal follow-up for any disobedience leading to incapacity. Each public prosecutor’s office has appointed a reference magistrate for all files of criminal offenses against police officers.

Minister Van Quikkenborn has also clarified that the Public Prosecutor’s Office must always prosecute when a police officer is incapacitated by intentional beating or injury. It will not be withdrawn due to lack of time or staff. These cases are preferably subpoenaed unless an arrest warrant is requested by the investigating judge.

Source: vrt


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